About Affiliate Links

Here at NerdOfLinux’s Tech Blog, we use affiliate links to help fund this site. An affiliate link is a link that allows the destination website know who sent that visit. When you make a purchase, the website we sent you to generally gives us a payout. However, we do our best to only use affiliate links to products and services we would use ourselves.

These DO NOT cost you anything extra; in fact, you often get a discount or even free credit.


We use affiliate links to help cover the costs of this site, and hopefully make a bit of money 🙂 . This allows us to run this amazing website, without resorting to cramming five hundred ads per page, or cryptomining in the background without your consent.

As previously stated, we do our best to not let affiliate programs dictate which services we recommend. With that being said, you’re probably going to wonder why we have affiliate links for competing services. The answer is that not everyone wants to use the same service as us. That’s ok, and that’s why competition exists. Another reason is because some services we link to aren’t within our interest zones. Writing and testing out the service is fun, but not every service is used day to day. Some of our readers may be interested in that service, and that’s why offer links.


If you’d like to support us, all you have to do is click on the links we have in our posts instead of going to the website yourself. This lets whatever website you’re going to know that we sent that visit. Often times, by using our affiliate link, you’ll even get a discount or free credit! Other times, it’ll cost you just the same.

It’s a win/win situation: you potentially save money, and we get funding.

Thank you for your support.