Blog Update(April 2018)

Blog Update(April 2018)

You probably realized the URL of this site has changed.


Well, originally Gate Blogs was a project that both NerdOfCode and I worked on, but he decided to one day go and make For a while, I kept using Gate Blogs, but eventually I bought this domain, and I think it fits the blog better. Also, I’m the only one posting here now, so yeah. This change will also hopefully help this site get more visitors as searching Gate Blogs on Google didn’t bring up this site. Now, searching NerdOfLinux does bring up this site, so people that hear about it and use Google will actually find this site now!


Don’t worry, if you shared the old URL with anyone, it will redirect to this one for the time being, although I’m considering not renewing because it still has 100 days left, which I think is enough to remember the new URL. Also, if you noticed, my personal blog was here for a week or something like that, so that has moved to

Anything else?

No, and the post schedule will continue as normal in two days. As always, thank you for reading this blog, and please subscribe with the form below.

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