I don’t have enough visitors to make any money with these tips yet, but they should, in theory, work just fine.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is probably one of the most used ways to earn money from a website. Create an account, get approved, copy and paste some javascript, and you’re good to go. The main problem with this is that nearly everyone has adblock, so you’re not going to get much money this way. Still, it is a viable option if you have enough traffic. One downside to Google Adsense in particular is that you only get paid once you make $100, so don’t expect to get like $10 a month off 1,000 visits. This is the method NerdOfCode uses, although he doesn’t have nearly enough visitors to crack the minimum $100.


Ok, you see this in YouTube, and not usually in blog posts, but if you have a big enough audience you can get sponsored posts. These work by having your post, and having a shout-out to some company in exchange for money. You need to be sure to have really good content though, because no one wants an ad for ice cream on a 100 word blog post about cats. Still, if you’re a finance blog, you might be able to get money for giving a shout out to something like NerdWallet. All you need to do is make sure you’re a well known site, and ask services you use to pay you for a shout out.

Affiliate Links

This blog sort of does this. At the bottom of most pages and posts, there is a banner for Vultr, my preferred VPS service. Affiliate works like this: you get a link for a website, and each time someone uses it, or signs up, you get some money. This is great, because unlike Google Adsense, adblockers won’t block any of your content, so it’s easy to sneak in a link or two to Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, etc. Just look at the bottom of those sites and others to find a become an affiliate link, and sign up.


This isn’t that uncommon actually. Just write posts, and have a donation button somewhere on your website. The idea is that in exchange for no ads, users that love your content will support you with a small donation. There are also other services, such as Patreon, that make this method a whole lot easier. After all your good, long posts, throw in a ‘support me’ link, and take people to your Patreon page.


This is always worth a shot, but it can backfire, and cause you to lose your audience. There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to create paid memberships. You have to give users a reason to use this, such as member-only content that is only accessible to those who are logged in with a paid subscription. You can even make recurring fees to get a somewhat steady income, if this works. Be sure to continue making your normal content available to everyone, and create additional member-only content on top of that. Don’t make your whole site member-only, or else you risk losing all your visitors that don’t want to pay, or don’t think your content is worth the price.


There are many plugins out there that let you sell more or less anything you want on WordPress. You can sell things from books, to podcasts, to pictures, or anything else that’s downloadable, or shipable. I recommend things that you can download, as you make a bigger profit due to the lack of shipping fees. Many people who make a living online eventually make a store where you can purchase things like T-Shirts, or schematics if you’re a DIY person, etc.

Let me know which method you prefer in the comments!

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