Why WordPress is my favorite CMS

I’ve used a ton of different CMS’s, but the one I keep coming back to is WordPress.


I use self-hosted WordPress, or otherwise known as WordPress.org. The other options is the hosted WordPress.com, which is simpler to use, but gives much less options. I also run and maintain WordPress myself on a VPS(this was before I made my control panel).

Market Share

Many of the other reasons relate to this one, so it’s probably the most important. WordPress is the most used CMS in existence, and runs over 30%(source) of all websites on the internet. This means that any problem you have most likely already has a solution, and if not, there are tons of forums where you can get help.

Plugins & Themes

Because of such a large market share, WordPress has a huge variety of amazing, free, themes and plugins. Themes and plugins allow you to customize your site as much as you want without needing to know any PHP, CSS, HTML, etc. Anyone can learn to use WordPress, but if you don’t have the time, you can used a managed WordPress host, which will take care of everything for you.

WordPress is both easy to use for non-techies, and a delight to code themes and plugins for. You can even make child themes, which is a theme that uses another as a framework.This allows you to create a unique theme with editing just two files(style.css, and functions.php). Even writing a full theme is not that hard, as WordPress has much of the “hard stuff” built-in. Plugins are also easy to make, requiring just one PHP file with a few comments. You can change nearly any WordPress process, or add a new one, in just a few hours of work.


WordPress has everything you need for a blog, or a site in general, built-in. This means you own all your comments, unlike some other CMSs which require you to use Disqus or another service, which hands over control to a third party. You remain in control of everything by default, and there are even some newsletter plugins that don’t require an external service to function. Contact form submissions are only seen by you, and analytics plugins such as Slimstat allow you to keep all your analytics private without relying on Google or Jetpack.


WordPress can be used to build everything from blogs to business sites, and even e-commerce shops. All you need is the right theme and install a plugin, and you can build nearly everything with WordPress. There are even plugins that allow you to create a social media site, in under a minute!